Future Prospects

Father’s Day, 2018: Driving back from breakfast with family and headed to go skateboard with a group of guys I checked my facebook messages at a stoplight. Looking back, I’m not sure why as I don’t often at all. But as it happens, there was a seemingly random message from a name I couldn’t recall. The message was succinct and formal enough to instantly understand that there was unfavorable news waiting for me on the other end. I gave her a call and she asked if I was sitting. I thought that was something only said in the movies. She cut right to the point and told me my father was dead. I thanked her for reaching out and I began this journey.

“Future Prospects” is a reflection on fatherhood from the eyes of a son, brother, and father. It is a meditation on the many feelings and questions that I’ve methodically repressed since the 90’s. Themes from this project include longing, fear, loss, love, and transformation to name but a fractional few. I invite you to peak into the trench of disappointment and unknowing with me as you peruse an exposed and vulnerable past (mine!) with me.

Saturday, July 13th at Co Exhibitions


All Ages. All welcome. Free